Jesse Bifulco





Penbay Estate Planning Law Center is an eldercare law firm located in Camden Maine. They are lawyers for nursing home asset protection trusts. These lawyers also do Mainecare applications for nursing home benefits. “We are passionate about protecting our clients and their families from the financial devastation caused by a sudden need for nursing home care.”

In addition, Penbay Law drafts wills, revocable living trusts, irrevocable asset protection trusts, charitable trusts, and complete personalized estate plans for their clients.

Penbay Estate Planning Law Center offers free workshops. These workshops give you the information you need to start planning for your estate. “People need to know what can be done to protect their home and their assets. They also need to know what they should be worried about. If you know what tools there are, and what problems arise, it empowers you to make your plan.”

The estate planning workshops are offered weekly, free of charge. They are “How to Protect Your Estate”, “How to Save the Family Camp”, “Estate Planning for Your Pets”, and “How to Start, Run & Exit a Successful Business in Maine.” You can register for a free estate planning workshop at our website, or call the estate planning lawyers at 207-236-4888.