Photo Credit Dave Clough Photography

Welcome to the Rockcoast Networkers!

The Rock Coast Networkers are a non-profit referral network of business people that help each other grow their businesses through word of mouth advertising. It’s no secret that word of mouth advertising is the single most effective advertising you don’t do. The power of someone referring your business to a friend or an associate is so compelling that when done correctly, the person may not even care what it costs to get the service they need. They will use your business because “so-and-so” said to. The Rock Coast Networkers look to utilize the power of that referral system to improve success in its members’ businesses.

We meet every Thursday morning at 7:30am at the Rock Harbor Brewery, 5 Payne Avenue in Rockland. During that meeting members have a 60 second “elevator speech” to advertise their business to the other members and guests. Guests are also allowed to give an introduction about them and their business. Any administrative tasks presented after the introductions. Following that, one volunteer member is allowed a ten minute presentation on their business, themself, or anything else they’d like to talk about. Questions are proposed to the speaker and then answered. Following the presentation members take turns passing referrals from the previous week. Guests are given an opportunity to give feedback on what they thought about the meeting and the organization. One referral is drawn from the basket and that person wins a prize donated by the speaker. The meeting is then drawn to a close.

Guests are allowed to attend three weekly meetings before they are asked to submit an application to the group and, upon approval of that application, pay dues for membership.

For more information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or contact us through a current member or our contact page.